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Student Alcohol Charges

As most of us know, our school years can provide some of the most memorable times of our lives. At the same time, many of us don't always make the best choices when we're out on our own at that age. Over the years, I've worked with a number of students, typically from surrounding high schools, Colleges, and Universities, who have found themselves in a situation where they've made a poor choice and are facing criminal charges for drug possession or an alcohol-related offense.

Many of these charges can carry consequences that can last for years, which is why it's important that you seek out an experienced attorney who understands how to examine your specific case and build an excellent defense.  While some of these charges can carry serious consequences, many of them can be defended with the right attorney who knows how to navigate the criminal justice system. 


The state of Kansas has laid out a variety of different laws that deal with alcohol-related offenses that all college students should be aware of in case they find themselves in a situation where alcohol is present. Other than the obvious laws such as the legal age limit for consuming alcohol, many students aren't aware of some of the most basic statutes that could have an impact on the decisions that you make when engaging in activities that involve alcohol. That's why it's important to be aware of the following state laws:

  • A minor may be charged with possession for having an alcoholic beverage in a vehicle, even if the container is unopened and a minor has not consumed any alcohol.
  • If one party in a moving vehicle is consuming alcohol, anyone in the vehicle may be charged with an alcohol-related offense.
  • A minor may be issued a citation for possession of an alcoholic beverage, even if the minor is on private property.
  • Anyone who knows, or has reasonable cause to know that an open container is present in a vehicle, may be charged with an alcohol-related offense, even if no one has been drinking.
  • Law enforcement officers responding to a complaint at a home or apartment may have the right to enter the residence under certain circumstances. If they see any illegal activity, such as minors possessing or consuming any drugs or alcoholic beverages, the officers can also detain and/or arrest any individuals involved.

Ultimately, it's important that any students facing a drug or alcohol-related charge immediately reach out for legal counsel. If you or someone you know is facing potentially disastrous consequences from a drug or alcohol-related offense, contact Stolte Law LLC today so you can begin to build a strong defense for your case.


Facing drug possession or alcohol charges as a student can be an extremely stressful and difficult situation. Many of these charges can carry consequences that can last a lifetime, which is why you need an experienced defense attorney to help limit the damage. If you're a student facing drug or alcohol charges, call Stolte Law LLC today for a free consultation.