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Kansas Sentencing Chart

In Kansas, the sentence for a criminal case depends on two factors - the defendant's criminal history score and the severity level of the crime.  The criminal history score ranges from A to I, with a score of "A" having the most prior convictions.  The severity level of non-drug crimes ranges from 1 to 10, with severity level 1 crimes being the most severe.  Drug crimes range form 1 to 5. 

To determine the length and type of sentence in most criminal cases, the Kansas Sentencing Guidelines has been charted.  The location on the chart, and sentence in the case, depends on the intersection of the criminal history score and severity level of the offense.

In off-grid cases, such as DUI or murder, the terms of the sentence are found in the crime-specific statute.

If you have questions about the possible sentence in your case, you can review the chart below.  Or, you can reach out to Stolte Law, LLC at 913-575-8823.