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Criminal Defense in Overland Park, Kansas

At Stolte Law, LLC, we are focused on providing our clients with the best service and strongest legal advocacy possible. From investigating a case to representing those clients in court, our firm has developed a reputation for earning positive outcomes for our clients in all types of Kansas criminal cases.

Attorney Adam Stolte has been a fierce advocate for those accused of a crime since the very beginning of his legal career. While many attorneys offer legal services across a wide array of legal areas, Attorney Adam Stolte focuses his firm entirely on criminal defense. This tight focus is a benefit to his clients, as every bit of experience from practicing law is related to criminal defense.


Not only does extensive appellate experience make Stolte Law, LLC the right choice for your appeal, it makes Stolte Law, LLC the right choice for your original criminal case as well.  In several cases in district and municipal courts, the research provided to prosecutors prior to trial have resulted in outright case dismissals and favorable pleas.  Additionally appellate experience is critical to research, drafting, and arguing motions as the same skills learned by writing hundreds of appellate briefs is employed.  Other attorneys recognize the value of appellate experience and hire Stolte Law LLC to prepare their motions.

Drug Charges

Some of the most commonly charged criminal offenses in the state of Kansas are related to controlled substances. These drug charges can include both felony and misdemeanor cases and may relate to the possession, distribution, or manufacture of a controlled substance.

While simple possession charges are the most common, they can result in a felony charge depending on the amount and type of drug you are alleged to have possessed. The charges for other drug crimes, like distribution or manufacture of a controlled substance, are much tougher. Regardless of the drug charge, you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney like Adam Stolte. 

Student Alcohol Charges

Another type of criminal charge that is frequently seen in Overland Park courtrooms is student alcohol charges. Kansas has some of the toughest laws in the country when it comes to the possession of alcohol by minors. For example, a minor can be charged with possession of alcohol just for being in the same vehicle as a closed container. In other situations, every underage person in a vehicle can be charged with a minor alcohol charge if only one person in the vehicle was drinking.


There are many different types of theft charges under Kansas law. Minor theft cases may be charged as misdemeanors in municipal court. On the other end of the spectrum, major theft cases are charged as felonies and could result in years behind bars if convicted. The severity of the charge you might face depends on the value of the items stolen. A Kansas theft crime can take many forms, including:

  • Shoplifting
  • Robbery
  • Burglary
  • Fraud
  • Possession of stolen property
  • Bad checks
  • Embezzlement
  • Identity theft
  • White collar theft
  • Forgery

Assault and Battery

When a physical altercation occurs, anyone involved could be at risk of facing charges for assault or battery. These charges are serious, and a conviction can result in severe consequences. The specific charge you might face depends on the nature of the physical contact, your criminal history, and the identity of your alleged victim. Some of the most common assault and battery charges include:

  • ​Assault
  • Battery
  • Domestic Battery
  • Assault of a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Battery of a Law Enforcement Officer
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated Battery
  • Criminal Threat
  • Hazing

Probation Violations

The advantages of hiring an experienced Overland Park criminal defense attorney go beyond defending you from common criminal charges. If you have previously been convicted of a crime and sentenced to probation, you could find that probated sentence revoked if you are arrested on new charges. And if your probation is revoked, you will be required to serve the entirety of your suspended sentence. The good news is that you are entitled to an attorney during the probation violation process. That's why during probation violation cases, attorney Adam Stolte works with the prosecutor and your probation officer in an effort to re-establish probation and avoid a violation entirely.


If you have been convicted of a crime and have completed your sentence, you may be entitled to have your criminal conviction expunged. Expungement will remove a criminal conviction from your record, allowing you to seek employment or apply for housing without the fear your record could work against you. To learn if you qualify for an expungement under Kansas law, contact Stolte Law, LLC today.

The Benefits of an Overland Park Defense Attorney

Being charged with a crime can feel like the sky is falling. But being arrested for a crime and being convicted are two separate things. If you hire the right Overland Park criminal defense attorney, you will be in the best position to beat the charges against you and avoid a conviction altogether. To discuss your case, contact Adam Stolte with Stolte Law, LLC today for your free consultation.