Case Results

  • Case Dismissed Following Appellate Win

    A DUI defense colleague recently asked Adam to take a DUI case up on appeal.  Based on the brief alone, the Court of Appeals found in Adam's favor finding that the officers impermissibly intermingled a criminal DUI stop with a public welfare check on an incapacitated driver.  As a result, the State was left with no other option.  The DUI charges were dismissed and Adam's client was allowed to go back to his life without further interference from the government.

    Practice area(s): Appeals, DUI / DWI

  • Case Dismissed
    In a case where the only charge was DUI, officers failed to interview every witness to the alleged event.  A witness indicated that client was sober upon arrival to her house and did not drink until after arriving.  Somehow, the witness was not interviewed by police, so the fact did not appear in the police report.  The prosecutor agreed to drop the DUI charge, without the need for a trial.
  • Reversed on Appeal
    Double Murder Conviction
    In a case featured on 48Hours and routine appearance in statewide newspapers, extensive review of a complex and voluminous record revealed that the prosecutor lied to the jury.  Finding the actions to be more than mere error and extremely prejudicial to the defendant, the Kansas Supreme Court reversed two murder convictions and remanded the case for a new trial.
  • Case Dismissed

    Client was pulled over on her twenty-first birthday for crossing the center line one time to avoid an accident with a semi.  Attorney Adam D. Stolte argued that client should not have been stopped in the first place, not to mention being charged with DUI for two reasons.  For starters, Kansas statutes permit crossing the centerline to avoid an accident.  Secondly, DUI caselaw also permits drivers to leave their lane to avoid an obstruction.  Because of the possible accident with the semi caused client to leave her lane and cross the centerline, the prosecutor dropped the case without the need for a trial.

    Practice area(s): DUI / DWI

  • Charge Dismissed
    Prosecutor Drops Case upon Reviewing Motion to Dismiss

    In Kansas, nonresidents who are (1) over 16, (2) in the United States on a visa, and (3) have a valid driver’s license may drive on Kansas roads without the need to obtain a Kansas driver’s license. Client correctly argued to the prosecutor that Kansas statutes applied in his case, but the prosecutor did not dismiss the driving without a license charge. Attorney Adam D. Stolte intervened, explaining the law to the prosecutor. The charge was dismissed without the need for a hearing.

  • Case Dismissed
    Drug Case Dismissed After Motion to Suppress Evidence Prepared

    Sometimes all an attorney has to do is work just a little bit. In this case, the officer claimed that the driver had an unreadable temporary tag. We reviewed the officer’s dashcam and learned that his reason for stopping my client was just a load of pretextual bull. So, we prepared a motion to suppress evidence and showed it to the prosecutor. The prosecutor agreed to dismiss our client’s case who was a passenger in the car. The co-defendant/driver was not so lucky. Having gone with a public defender, the other attorney did not review the evidence and walked the driver into a guilty plea with 12 months of probation and 42 days of house arrest. That’s why we are always ready for trial in every case we take. Putting forth a minimal amount of effort saved our client a year of misery and expense.