Hard Working & Passionate Defense

Dear Adam D. Stolte:

I am happy to provide feedback on my experience with Adam Stolte as my Attorney. It is not a secret I found myself in a few very serious legal situations and I had exhausted many attorneys who no longer had the expertise to assist me. After much research I discovered Adam Stolte's lengthy success defending cases similar to mine.

I can describe Adam as one of the most professional and dedicated attorney's I've ever met. He not only was on top of the legal matters of my case but he also inquired about my personal situation which he incorporated into my defense. I honestly believe his combination of concern for me as a person and his thorough understandings of the legalities of my case are the reasons I am out of prison today.

Working with Adam exceeded any expectations I could ever have. Being able to reach my attorney was crucial as I was incarcerated at the time I hired him. Adam manipulated his schedule to be available for every call I made. Upon release from prison I have needed to contact Adam numerous times, he is normally available and if not he returns my call immediately. His promptness and reactivity supersede any experience I've had with any other attorney in my lifetime.

His dedication to me and my case did not waver even when he left the appellate court system to start his own practice. He was determined not to let my case fall into anyone else's hands. His commitment to me was from start to finish. He not only filed my appeal and won; he also followed up to find a way to get me out of prison when the courts filed a motion for review stalling my release. Unprompted by me, he never gave up fighting to get me released from prison no matter what obstacles were thrown at the case.

Adam's court presence is that of a professional, expert, hard-hitting attorney who is quick on his feet and prepared beyond the court's imagination. There was no question it was a shot in the dark that I could win an appeal bond hearing as the legal precedence of success rates are very low. Adam appeared in court with strong arguments and a determination for nothing but success. He had a rebuttal for every argument the prosecutor tried to present and then some.

Adam spent countless hours talking with my family members to be sure everyone understood the process. He was sure to be early for court dates to answer any questions my friends and family might have, and after his success in court, he spent additional hours with my family to be sure they knew what to do and how to do it.

In closing, hiring Adam was the best decision I've ever made. His relentless drive to succeed for his clients is not simply a professional goal; it is his passion to represent the PERSON not just the case. He is overly prepared, an expert in his field, and phenomenal in a courtroom!

-Tony M

You Exceeded my Expectations

You exceeded my expectations. I’d be lying if i said i had trust in the system towards blacks considering history, but you gave me hope and I appreciate everything you’ve done. True story I’ve mentioned ya name to not just friends and family, I mentioned it to strangers. You’re a great lawyer - and a even better human. I have nothing but good to say about you

-Chris S.

5 Stars

Adam thanks for everything you done I give you 5++++++++ stars more then 20. I would send people if they ever needed a lawyer your way.

-Phillip L.

You’re a blessing. Thank you for fighting so hard and remains consistent. I pray that nothing but major blessings fall your way. Thank you again! 

-Latoyia W.

You definitely exceeded my expectations and that I would have definitely recommended you to others.

-Charles G.

Keep up the good work. Thanks

-Esther M.

Really recommend Adam Stolte he helped me out in my criminal case affordable and keeps you up to date on everything I will definitely be recommending him to friends and family.

-L. Carrillo

We got the results we were looking for without the runaround and hassles a previous attorney gave us. Highly recommend. Service was prompt, intelligent and fairly priced.

-Bob P.