Kansas Supreme Court Denies State's Petitions

Who hasn't heard the phrase, "Don't do the crime unless you're willing to do the time?"  I think we can all generally agree that actions have consequences.  But, those consequences should correspond in severity to the actions.  

I was appointed to review the sentences in three separate cases.  After review, I discovered that the judges each exceeded their statutory authority by imposing improperly severe prison sentences.  The Kansas Court of Appeals agreed and ordered that the judges reduce the sentences. 

However, the prosecutors each petitioned the Kansas Supreme Court to review the Court of Appeals opinion - a discretionary action completely within their authority.  The problem for my clients is that that action stayed the Court of Appeals decision meaning that the three men continued to serve their inappropriately severe prison sentences. 

I am happy to announce that the Kansas Supreme Court considered the prosecutor's claims and denied their petitions to review the Court of Appeals.  This means that the three men will finally return to their district courts to be appropriately resentenced.