Lenexa Defense Attorney

Lenexa Defense Attorney

Lenexa Municipal Court

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Lenexa DUI Defense Attorney

If you are charged with a DUI in Lenexa, you must act quickly to protect your driver's license. A driver's license will be automatically suspended if you do not request an administrative hearing within 14 days of being pulled over.

The Lenexa Municipal Court can prosecute arrests for First DUI or Second DUI. If the arrest is the third or more, the case will be sent to the Johnson County District Court.

To convict you of DUI, the prosecutor must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you operated or attempted to operate a vehicle while intoxicated. A Lenexa DUI Attorney will review the evidence in your case to determine whether all the elements of a Lenexa DUI are present. If not, you may have a legal or factual defense to your case.

Lenexa Defense Attorney

The Lenexa Municipal Court can also prosecute traffic and other misdemeanor offenses. Most commonly, the Court sees drug possession cases involving possession of marijuana or possession of paraphernalia.

Criminal Defense Attorney

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Attorney Stolte will work closely with you to ensure you understand what your charges mean, what potential outcomes you could face, and what your legal options are. Delivering personalized attention and leveraging his intelligence and creativity, he will seek to obtain a nonrestrictive or the least-restrictive result for you.